On November 3rd, SoildiverAgro partners, Thünen Institut (TI) and Flächenagentur Rheinland GmbH (FAR), will hold a Discussion Group in the continental pedoclimatic region (Germany). The central topic of this event are two case studies focused on the organism interaction management in potatoe crops (10th case study) and in wheat crops (11th case study).

As part of the SoildiverAgro multiactor approach, set up from the beginning of the project, this regional meeting with local stakeholders will begin with a Discussion Group which will start with an introduction into the EU-project SoildiverAgro, including its aims, objectives, structure and the multi-actor approach. A presentation follows about the stakeholders’ response to the questionnaire regarding the survey on the current situation, problems, etc., in wheat and potato production. Additionally, the current state of planning case studies 10 (potatoe) and 11 (wheat) will be presented. Discussions with the participating stakeholders will focus on new agricultural management practices to identify main agronomic problems and how to face them.

The next step will be discussing the outcome of the Discussion Group. In the subsequent Regional Meeting, suggestions made by the stakeholders will be considered for the two case studies.

Discussion Group will be hold on November 3rd between 9:30 am and 12:00 pm. The subsequent Regional Meeting will follow from 13:00 to 14:00 pm. The session will be hold online due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Check out the event agenda!

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