The University of Vigo (UVigo) is a public educational and scientific institution founded in 1990. Its 27 faculties are distributed in three campuses (Vigo, Ourense and Pontevedra); all of them located in the south of Galicia and near to the Galicia-Portugal border. Nowadays, more than 30000 students are enrolled in this university and more than 1000 professors from the academic staff. However, educational is only one of missions of this university. The development of a strong and intense research labour in the environmental and agro-food area is one of the strategic objectives of the university, in link with its Water Campus at Ourense.



Carmen Seijo Coello

Carmen Seijo is professor at the University of Vigo (Spain). Her research activity in the project concerns to the improvement of decision support systems using aerobiology, to reduce the use of fungicide in agricultural crops and avoid environmental damages.


David Fernández Calviño
+34 988 368 888

Researcher at the Department of Plant Biology and Soil Science of University of Vigo. He has a Bachelor Degree in Agriculture and Forestry (2001 and 2004), and PhD in Soil Sciences (2008). His research expertise lines are soil quality, inorganic and organic pollutants dynamics and soil biochemistry/microbiology.

Project coordinator, member of project management board, member of scientific board and WP1 leader.


Elena Rivo
+34 988 368 734

Elena Rivo-López, Ph.D in Business Management, is an Associate Professor at the Business Organization and Marketing Department at the University of Vigo. Her main line of research focuses on the study of family businesses from multiple perspectives: circular economy, value creation, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, gender perspective, finance, human resources, entrepreneurship, family office,… This activity linked to the family business is not limited exclusively to the field of publications; as co-director of the Family Business Chair of the University of Vigo, she also organizes seminars, workshops, round tables, and manage degree projects about family business. She will be involved in WP6 in SoilDiverAgro.


Juan Carlos Nóvoa Muñoz
+34 988 387 070

Juan Carlos Nóvoa Muñoz is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Sciences (UVIGO). The scope of his research is to assess the alteration of soil functions, mainly those depend on their physic-chemical properties, as consequence of the intensification of the anthropogenic activities that lead to soil pollution due contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, emerging contaminants, etc. In SoilDiverAgro, he is involved in different tasks of WP7 and WP8.


Manuel Arias Estévez
+34 988 368 899

Professor at the Department of Plant Biology and Soil Science (University of Vigo). Implication in WP1, WP3 and WP5. UVIGO responsible of WP3. Responsible for general soil characterization and soil pollution.


María Fernández González
+34 988 368 912

Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology, University of Vigo, Spain, 2011. Research on Aerobiology and Phenology of grape vine and olive crops, influence of climate change on crops and species, plant phytosanitary status and predictive models of the beginning of the phenological phases of crops and grape harvest prediction.

In SoildiverAgro works in WP2 and WP5.


María Jesús Iglesias Briones

Maria J.I. Briones (PhD in Biological Sciences) is currently a Professor of Animal Biology at the University of Vigo (Spain) with special interest on the functional role of soil fauna in terrestrial ecosystems in the context of climate change. In particular I have been trying to quantify soil biodiversity changes and their potential implications for ecosystem services that they govern (i.e. sustainable plant production, soil carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas mitigation, hydrological regulation). To achieve this I have developed a robust research profile on taxonomy and ecology of different soil organisms.


Miguel Fernández Calviño

Forest Technical Engineer from the University of Santiago de Compostela, Master in Science and Tecnology Agri-Food and Environmental from the University of Vigo. Currently working on the SoilDiverAgro project at University of Vigo.


Miguel Rodríguez Méndez
+34 988 368 760

PhD in Economics, he provides expertise in environmental economics on energy and climate change, and circular economy issues: resource efficiency indicators for companies, sectors or countries (e.g. intensity, productivity, circularity level). He provides also expertise on environmental assessment through cost-benefit analysis (e.g. economic evaluation of environmental impacts estimated by LCA). Finally, he is an expert in economic modelling regarding the impact and design of environmental policies (e.g. CGE, econometrics, etc.). He is involved in WP6 at SoilDiverAgro project.


Mónica Villanueva Villar

Mónica Villanueva Villar, Ph.D in Economics and Business Management, is an Associate Professor at the Department of Financial Economics and Accounting at the University of Vigo, where she develops her teaching in both undergraduate and postgraduate subjects. She has specialized in family business and circular economy issues.She has participated in projects financed in public calls as well as she has publications in magazines, books, attendance at congresses, organization of courses and presentations in various entities. At present she also participates in circular economy projects. She will be involved in WP6 in SoilDiverAgro. Coordinator of the degree in Business Administration and Management in Faculty of Business Administration and Tourism (University of Vigo), april 2019 to present.


Paul Swagemakers
+34 988 368 773

Paul Swagemakers is at the Department of Applied Economics at Vigo University, and holds a PhD in Social Sciences from Wageningen University. His research is on circular economy, agriculture, and rural development, with special attention to natural resource management and social innovation. He is involved in WP6 on environmental and socioeconomic assessment of soil biodiversity management and conservation.

Nadin Ozceli

PhD candidate in Circular Economy in Faculty of Economics at University of Vigo (Spain). The main research interest is the assessment of resource efficiency indicators, particularly water efficiency indicators, for policy development in food industry and providing a guideline to improve water efficiency for a more circular economy. She will be involved in WP6 in SoilDiverAgro.


Raquel Vázquez Blanco
+34 607 331 422

Degree in Chemistry at University of Santiago de Compostela. Master in Agricultural and Environmental Science and Technology and, at present, PhD student at University of Vigo. Research on soil pollution.


Paula Pérez Rodríguez

PhD. in Soil Science and Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Vigo. Main research interests focus on the study of nutrients and pollutants, both organic and inorganic, in the plant-rhizosphere-soil system. Degradation mechanisms of organic pollutants and nutrient cycle interactions deciphered by stable isotope fractionation. I participate in WP2, WP3 and WP5 of SoildiverAgro.


Olga Escuredo Pérez
+34 988 387 076

Olga Escuredo is professor at University of Vigo. Main lines of research are based on physicochemical characterization and botanical origin of bee products, decision support systems as part of crop disease management, and estimation of the quality of food products using NIR technology.


Manuel Conde Cid
+34 988 387 071

Degree in Environmental Sciences and, currently, PhD student at University of Vigo. Research experience on soil chemistry, emerging pollutants in the environment (especially antibiotics), and valorization of organic and industrial wastes to water and soil protection and remediation.


Francisco Javier Rodríguez Rajo
+34 988 387 193

Dr F. Javier Rodríguez Rajo is Full Professor at the Faculty of Sciences (UVIGO). The scope of his research is the Aerobiology applied to medicine and agriculture, Phenology, Plant pathology, Climatic change and Agronomy.

The implication in the project will be to develop models to reduce the use of fungicide in agricultural crops and to avoid the lessions in plants by means the use of biosensors such as the spore load in the atmosphere of the crop.


Flora Alonso Vega
+34 988 387 070

Bachelor and PhD in Biology. Teanured lecturer in Plant and Soil Science Department at the University of Vigo. Research experience on soil resource evaluation mainly focussed on soil heavy metal pollution, availability, fraccionation and speciation.

Estefanía González Fernández
+34 988 368 912

Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Vigo, awarded with the 2015 Exceptional Career Award of the Galician Autonomous Community, and the End-of-Degree Extraordinary Prize in the Environmental Science degree of the 2014/2015 academic year from the University of Vigo. Master´s degree in Agri-Food and Environmental Science and Technology from the University of Vigo. PhD student in the Agri-Food Science and Technology program of the University of Vigo. Professor at Science Faculty of Campus Ourense (University of Vigo) in Environmental Science and Technology, and Aerobiology through the pre-doctoral fellowship FPU from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, Spain. Research lines focus on the integrated pest management of fungal diseases by aerobiological and immuno-enzymatic methods, and predictive crop yield models based on pollen studies.


Diego Soto Gómez

PhD in Agri-Food Science and Technology from the University of Vigo (Spain). Researcher on environmental science, soil physics, porous networks, computed tomography, solute and particulate transport modeling, percolation theory and fractality. Participant on WP1: Consortium coordination and project management, WP3: Soil biodiversity assessment in European cropping systems and WP8: Communication, dissemination, exploitation and stakeholders engagement.


Claudia Campillo Cora
+34 988 387 071

PhD student at University of Vigo, with a degree in Environmental Sciences and a Master’s degree in Science and Technology Agro-Alimentary and Environmental. Research experience on soil biology and chemistry, soil characterization, heavy metals in the environment and valorization of food industry wastes.


Alba Piña Rey
+34 988 368 912

PhD studient in Agri-Food Science and Technology. Research on evaluation of climate change impacts on grapevine and shifts in viticulture suitable areas around the world considering factors such as variations in pollen production, phenological and aerobiological parameters that may affect plant growth and development or crop yield and quality (WP3, WP5). In addition, integrated pest management on this crop, thus minimizing the use of pesticides and their effects (WP5).


Vanesa Santás Miguel

+34 988387071

Degree in Biology and Environmental Sciences. PhD student at University of Vigo. Main line of research is soil microbiology soil, especially bacterial communities (bacterial growth and enzymatic activity) and effect of emerging pollutants on soil bacterial (especially veterinary antibiotics).


Melissa Méndez López

Degree in Environmental Sciences and, currently, PhD student at the University of Vigo (Spain). Research experience on soil chemistry and analyzing pollution levels present in vegetation and soil samples.


Cris Álvarez Esmorís

Degree in Environmental Sciences and, currently, PhD student at University of Vigo. Research experience on soil chemistry and environmental pollution.


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